Mark Bridgeman

Mark Bridgeman was born in Swindon, Wiltshire in 1965 and is now based in Highland Perthshire, Scotland. After a career working in Finance, Marketing and Sports Coaching, he has now turned his passion for writing, crime fiction and non-fiction, history and sport into words. Mark's first book ‘The River Runs Red’ was published in September 2019. A history of true crime in Highland Perthshire, the book proved an immediate success. Following on from ‘The River Runs Red’ came ‘Blood Beneath Ben Nevis’ and ‘Surviving in the Shadows’, both released in March 2020. In September 2020 Mark released 'The Lost Village of Lawers', which has already sold out two complete print runs.

 Following an appearance on BBC Radio, 'The Beacon on the Hill' was published just in time for Christmas 2020.   

Footsteps at Finlarig and The Dark Side of the Dales were published in spring 2021, followed by appearances on ITV, Channel 5, the Old Town Festival, and the Three Lochs Book Festival. 

Mark has a major new work being published in January 2022, followed by a collaboration with well known photographer James Millar.

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